The prenasContour® Light System is particularly well-suited for use in a medspa setting, offering a sophisticated and non-invasive solution for clients seeking body contouring and fat reduction treatments.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring, Client Comfort and Safety, Quick and Convenient Sessions, ROI for Medspa Business

Aesthetic Laser Clinics

We use the prenasContour® Light System as comfort and restorative therapy for our patients who have depression and autoimmune diseases, to help their bodies and minds feel better. This Red Light Therapy system is doing a great job helping to ease the pain of depression, Fibromyalgia, and arthritis in our patients.

Broad Client Appeal, Quick and Convenient Sessions, Reputation for Quality

Wellness Center

Integrating the prenasContour® Light System into a wellness center can significantly enhance the range of services offered, particularly in the realm of body wellness and aesthetic treatments. This system aligns well with the holistic approach of wellness centers, offering a non-invasive method for body contouring and fat reduction.

Holistic Body Contouring, Attracting Diverse Clientele, Synergy with Other Wellness Services, Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Offering more power and light retention

Our prenasContour® Light System is so simple and safe to use that there is no extensive training, licensing, or certification required to operate. You can adjust the treatment time from 5 to 45 minutes, and a technician does not need to be present for the duration of the treatment.

The prenasContour® Light System’s one large pad, two small pads, two medium pads, and face mask are optimally sized to provide complete coverage in a single treatment session.

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