prenasContour® Light PLUS


prenasContour® Light PLUS system will provide you with the most effective, non-invasive, and affordable treatment for body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and pain management & inflammation reduction. Red light therapy has been evaluated for decades and hundreds of clinical studies have shown the positive effects it has on the body. With our system of 635nm LED and 940nm near infra-red lights with the reflective coating on all the pad surfaces we deliver the most effective light therapy treatment possible.

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prenasContour® Light PLUS

Step into a realm of rejuvenation with our state-of-the-art Contour Light. Harnessing the pinnacle of healing wavelengths, it awakens your body’s innate ability to heal and revitalise. From alleviating pain, uplifting mood, reducing stress, to enhancing sleep, prenasContour® Light PLUS is your compassionate companion on a holistic journey to vitality.

How Does prenasContour® Light PLUS Work?

prenasContour® Light PLUS stimulates the mitochrondria of the fat cell which generates a signal that opens the transient pores of the cell wall, resulting in a release of the contents of the cell: triglycerides, fatty acids, glycerol, and water. The fat cell deflates much like a balloon that is emptied of its air volume.

prenasContour® Light PLUS is the latest advancement in light emitting diode (LED) technology and is exceptionally effective on all body areas due to its unique pad design. The large, soft, and flexible pads will contour to the shape of the human body, allowing the light source to be as close as possible to the skin; the optimum way to deliver photonic energy. The wavelengths of 635nm and 940nm light are emitted by the pads of the prenasContour® Light PLUS system, combining the beneficial aspects of both frequencies to attain optimal results.

The prenasContour® Light PLUS incorporates a reflective surface which traps and redirects light energy back into the tissue. Because the reflective coating is only available on the prenasContour® Light PLUS, there is no other LED-based system available on the market that delivers and retains more mid-600nm and infrared light energy.

How Does prenasContour® Light PLUS Work?

Body Transformation

Soft and Flexible Pad

prenasContour® Light PLUS delivers both red light (635nm) and near-infrared light (940nm) via high-powered, German-made, surface mount microchip LEDs that are embedded into a soft and flexible pad. The pads can be easily applied to any area of the face or body, conforming to the contours of a patient’s treatment area, and allowing the light source to be as close to the skin as possible.

Unparalleled Light Efficiency

prenasContour® Light PLUS’s proprietary reflective coating means that light that would normally bounce off the skin and dissipate, is captured and reflected back into the skin, resulting in a much higher retention of light energy than with other similar devices. This advancement is clinically proven to emulsify fat cells and quickly reduce cm’s from those stubborn areas of the body.

635nm and 940nm
  • 635nm stimulates lymph drainage and reduces the cellulite.
  • 940nm invisible light stimulates lymph drainage and reduces the cellulite, is more effective, and penetrates deeper into adipose tissue.

prenasContour® Light PLUS Mask

prenasContour® Light PLUS transmits 635nm and 940nm light through high-power imported microchip lamps, with 534 lamps embedded in prenasContour® Light PLUS Mask. prenasContour® Light PLUS Mask treatment is painless, heat-free, or uncomfortable, and can be safely operated by customers and operators.
prenasContour® Light PLUS Mask

The Laser Pads

This small work pad can be used for arm fat reduction, arthritis, muscle spasms, and muscle pain relief.

  • Arm
  • Arthritis

This small work pad

These medium work pads can be used for thigh fat reduction, and relieve mild muscle and joint pain, and muscle spasms.

  • Muscle strain pain
  • Thigh
medium work pads

This big work pad can be used for the reduction of the circumference of the hips, waist, and back, arthritis, and muscle spasms promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue and temporarily increasing local blood circulation.

  • Waist
  • Back
  • Low back pain
big work pad


prenasContour® Light PLUS
Wavelength 635nm, 940nm
Lamp Source Imported chips for assemble
Lamp Type Low intensity diode
Quantities of Lamps 1086pcs for the 5 pcs Light pads, 534pcs for the mask
Each Lamp Energy 200MW
Input Power ≤500W
Working Mode Continuous and Pulse
Treatment Pads 5pcs (1 large, 2 medium, 2 small), 1 mask
Touch Screen 8 inch Touch Screen
Cooling System Air Cooled
Voltage 100-130V/200V-230V; 50Hz-60Hz
Safety On Board Diagnostics
Classification Electrical Class Ⅱ, Type B applied part
Ingress Rating IPXO
Environmental Requirement 10℃ to 40℃. Non-condensing humidities below 75% RH
CE CE with LVD and EMC
Machine Packing Size 42cm*40cm*32cm
Cart Package size 68*61cm*39cm
G. W. Host:6KG; Cart and Pads:19kg

prenasContour® Light PLUS Treatment Before & After

prenasContour® Light PLUS Treatment Before & After
prenasContour® Light PLUS Treatment Before & After
prenasContour® Light PLUS Treatment Before & After
prenasContour® Light PLUS Treatment Before & After


Most clients experience anywhere between 2.5-15+ CM’s lost in their very first prenasContour® Light PLUS Session. Results vary from person to person.

* Tips on how to maximise your session and lose as many cm’s as possible will be sent to you after reserving your trial.

Each prenasContour® Light PLUSSession only takes 25 Minutes once under the lights, followed by a 10-minute Vibration Plate Session. Because of this, a lot of clients are able to come in on their lunch breaks.

* Please note that if you are a first-time prenasContour® Light PLUS Client, please allow for 75-90 minutes for your first session. The first session consists of an initial Exam / Brief Health History, Pre Measurements (to get a baseline for your starting point), 1 Full-Length prenasContour® Light PLUS Session (25 Minutes), Post Measurements (to see exactly how many cm’s you lost), 10 Minute Vibration Plate Session (to push the newly liquified fat into the lymphatic system), Personalised Consultation w/ Recommendation of Personalised Program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Once the fat has been released from the fat cell and exited the body, it’s gone. However, if unhealthy diet and exercise routines persist, new fat may be stored where the old fat contents were released.
It reduces the cell from looking like a grape to a raisin, and that gives you the opportunity to make good choices and not fill it back up.
The best way to look at this is that the prenasContour® Light PLUS treatments act as a jump start to a healthier lifestyle.

Not only is prenasContour® Light PLUS Safe, Effective and FDA-Cleared (which wasn’t an easy process)…
Contour Research, LLC conducted an IRB-Approved Clinical Trial Involving 118 participants who lost an average of 6.3cm’s in just ONE prenasContour® Light PLUS Session.

Everybody has a different starting point and different personal fitness goals.
Based on how your body responds to your first prenasContour® Light PLUS Session, a personalised fat/weight loss program with a recommended number of sessions to achieve your desired goal will be discussed.


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